Dreams and Happenings

I'm honored and excited to have my work showing in various places around Los Angeles! Yay!! First, I have two pieces, Somnolent and 4th Etheric up at Studio C Gallery in the ONEIRA: I DREAM THE SELF group show.  This show was a beautiful one for me to partake in because of my deep interest in dream work.  There was a long period in my life where I woke up each and every morning to write about and contemplate on the incredibly vivid dreams from the night before, and in doing so created many positive and lasting changes in my life as a result.  I remember right before I left a deeply damaging relationship, I had reoccurring dreams involving myself having tails-long serpent tails or short furry deer tails--tails, tails, tails, and more tails.  One particular night, I dreamt of having a beautiful, iridescent mermaid tail.  I was on the edge of a cliff overlooking an incredibly deep part of an ocean..and I was terrified to jump off...in fact, in real life I am afraid of being underwater and I still cannot swim...but in the dream I felt my tail growing larger and stronger, more vivid in color with each moment.  It gave me the courage to jump into the water where in the dream I actually experienced the beauty and strength of swimming freely and without fear, under the deep water with whales, dolphins and colorful fish, breathing naturally in the water like I had been one with it since birth.  I felt completely free, strong, happy, connected with the universe and so very alive.  I literally woke up and left the relationship the next day.  Of course, there had been many other steps leading up to my courage and I don't imply that the dream is the only thing that gave me the strength to leave, but the dream was a symbol of my strength and readiness, and I will never forget the beauty of that dream or what it meant to me to wake up from it.  Dreamwork is very special to me, and I know I am not alone in my feelings toward this. So many of us seek and find answers within our dreams.  We face our fears and live out our desires.  Emotions are vivid and alive, and, if we desire, we can control our dreams, shape them, turn them around, face our fears and in doing so come closer to turning our waking lives into that which we dream about.

ONEIRA: I DREAM THE SELF is an all women art show concerning the world of dreams and what it means to ourselves as artists and women.  We will have a closing reception this coming Saturday June 14 from 6 to 9 at STUDIO C GALLERY--Santa Fe Art Colony 2349 So. Santa Fe Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90058 For more information: studiocla148@gmail.com / 323 363-2188.  There are some creative pieces in the show! Peggy Nichols, Kaleeka Bond, Kathryn Jacobi, Hanneke Naterop and Kimberly Webber are just a few of the other talented female artists who participated in the show! This Sat will be the last day to see everyone's work together in this powerful show--so come by.

I also have my Wallflower piece up at the JEANIE MADSEN GALLERY, 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica.  Penny Marshall, Chico Brown and Mercedes joined forces with Jeanie Madsen and LC from Cannibal Flower to create a red carpet charity event for Reach Back LA called I HEART LA in which a group of LA artists all contributed work--20% of the art work sales go straight to Reach Back LA!  The show will be up for another month so please go check it out--The gallery is right across the water in Santa Monica where there are plenty of super yummy places to eat right around the street--make a date night of it and go check out some art, the ocean and eat some delicious food :)

I will be participating in the LA ART WALK downtown this coming Thursday June 12, 2014.  My Reconstruction painting will be showing along with a couple of my figure paintings at the DOVE BISCUIT STUDIO which is a gallery located above THE LAST BOOKSTORE.  DOVE BISCUIT is a gallery run by Robin McGough who is an amazing man I just met and already discovered is not afraid to tell his story and live his truth authentically.  I am honored to met him, plus I think he has some super cool pieces in his gallery worth checking out! Come down to LA ART WALK this coming Thursday, June 12 from 6 to midnight. 453 S Spring St Suite M-4, Los Angeles, California 90013

Lastly, this coming Saturday June 14 at Lot 613, which is located at 613 Imperial St, Los Angeles 90021,  I will be LIVE PAINTING for the ILLUMINATE event! "THE CRUZ COALITION, THE GOOD VIBE, BURNLA and ROAM CREATIVE join forces for the one-time only  ILLUMINATE which benefits Maki Hsieh's debut album "Illuminate"! Featuring two stages of epicness and an artisan courtyard full of light, love and glow. Kick-off your most amazing summer with masters of bass and harmony, light workers, live painters, and co-creators of light and love. $15 first tier, $25 at the door at http://illuminate-fundraiser.eventbrite.com."   Other live painters include Michael Pukac, Dave Zabowski, David Art Lawell, Aaron Mostow, Ngene Mwaura, Yuki Miyazaki and Joey Rotten--should be super fun! I will be live painting starting at 9, and MAYBE going all the way to 4 in the morning--we'll see how far I go! 

That's it for now! :)