Snow moon

Hello and Happy Full Moon!

Hope everyone is staying warm this time of year! I'm happy to be writing you and am back this month to share more news from my studio.  I work a full time job as a graphic artist for an apparel company, but have been doing my best to stay creative with my personal work and to keep painting as often as possible! I have a new Work in Progress (WIP) that I'm excited about which is part of the Mythological Paintings series I began last month with my painting Spirit Walker.  That's all I will say for now, but here is a pic of the WIP.  She's got a long way to go but I can't wait for the finish!


Every Day Original

I'm pleased again to announce that my painting Lodestar was featured this month on Every Day Original.  However, there was some technical issue with the site the day I posted, and my painting wasn't sent out to their email list as their daily original which was a total and complete bummer to me! It may get another date with them in the future, but it is still available through their site here for anyone interested:

Lodestar explores some of the symbols of the elements and relationships of earth, air, fire, water, ether and the transformations between life and death. A lodestar is a guide, the skull represents not only death but life beyond death. Death doesn’t always mean a physical death but also could be the death of a relationship, of a bad habit, a time period, a thought pattern, even an emotional moment. Sometimes this death can guide and lead us to greener pastures and more hopeful paths. 


Full Moon Painting

Another Full Moon is here Tuesday the 19th! This February Full Moon is also a super moon! Which just means that it will appear particularly large because of the coincidence of the moon being full with the fact that the moon's orbit is bringing it at it's closest point to the earth right now.  It looks extra big as a result.

This February Full Moon is referred to as the Snow Moon due to the typically heavy snowfall of February in the United States before and during Colonial times.  Hunting was difficult and the food supply was often low in February, so it was also called Hunger Moon or Bone Moon.  Other names include Shoulder to Shoulder Around the Fire Moon, No Snow in the Trails Moon, Storm Moon and Ice Moon. Animals associated with the Snow Moon are the fox, bear, wolf and owl.  

This year, the Snow Moon falls under the Zodiac Sign of Virgo, a sign known for clarity of mind, practicality, perfectionism. organization, independence and analysis.  It is considered the main sign in which we begin to see others as different from ourselves and we start to discover our true selves. What better sign to occur during the Snow Moon, a moon in which organization (which can bring a feeling of safety) was traditionally important due to the harsh winter conditions?  How can we relate this to our current lives? Virgo inspires mental endurance, project management and the ability to organize which can all serve to be a great mental recharge during the cold months where we tend to stay inside and be in our heads rather than outside in the world being physical.  If desired, you can use the Virgo inspiration and opportunity this Full Moon to organize some projects and get some work done.  It's easy to think too much this time of year, so be careful of the shadow side of Virgo which is known for criticism of self and others, worrying and complaining too much, underrating the self, being self absorbed and pickiness.  

For my Snow Moon painting in Virgo, I chose to represent the Moon this time with a polar bear, known for it's keen, practical and observant mind, it's independence and perfectionism which are all Virgo traits.  He is also a snow animal as well as representative of the Element of Earth (Virgo is considered an Earth Sign).  The bird symbolizes the spiritual and higher aspects of the Mind in relation to Virgo (Air of Earth for those interested).


Winter solstice dream, warm cradle of life

Tattoo a bear claw onto my heart

That I may eternally return

Etched in sky constellation

                    -Geraldine Rose Martinez

Las Laguna Gallery

Finally, I'd like to remind anyone interested that my painting Believe will be displayed at Las Laguna Gallery's Women in Art Exhibition.  The show will run from March 7 - March 29, 2019. Opening reception is March 7, from 5:30 to 9:30 pm.  

Details here!


That's it for now! As always, I love to hear from each and every one of you, so feel free to respond to this email or drop me a line anytime! Until next Full Moon, 


Mary Ancilla Martinez

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